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C+P // Porsche // GT3 RS tease

I spotted this a few days back in Doha, the 2010 manifestation of the classic Porsche GT3 RS. Enjoy!

Nolan’s Cheddar… Seriously Strong

Dubai Marina // Then & Now

Those of you who know me, will be aware i’ve been in the UAE for quite a long time now. So, there is something about this picture below that brings back many memories, look at me getting all nostalgic now. Anyway back to the post, the above is an archive picture of what is now […]

C+P // On location // Somewhere in Doha

A few days back I received a call from CAR ME enquiring about suitable locations in Qatar for a future article within CAR magazine. The brief… “somewhere to take a couple of ‘special’ cars for a small road trip around Qatar”. I won’t go into the details as I’ll leave that to their future article, […]

Just say NO… to seduction

Reminiscent of the 80s Grange Hill anti-drugs campaign “Just Say No” a local ad agency in Dubai has given the old concept a completely different take… this time it’s not drugs it’s sex or as they like to say ‘seduction’. Anyway, for such a touchy subject in this part of the world I really like […]

Jenson & Lewis test the McLaren MP4-12C

Pininfarina 2uettottanta // concept

The Italian styling house Pininfarina recently celebrated it’s 80th year at the Geneva Motor Show by unveiling this conceptual beauty. Powered by a 1750cc turbo engine positioned longitudinally, it follows on from a long line of iconically designed cars from the creatives at the design house.

Watch the Launch of the New McLaren MP4-12C

[Source: McLaren Automotive] Launched earlier today by McLaren Automotive chairman Ron Dennis and his team… The Mclaren MP-12C the successor to the iconic Mclaren F1 supercar.

Monkey magic… the alternative

One of the coolest UK Cult Kids TV shows of the 70s… and now with an alternative plot… brilliant

Old skool BMX’n – Mongoose

Not very PC for today’s world, but just right for the 80s… Brilliant Check out more great BMX 80s images at