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The screen bike of dreams… and now there’s a real version!

You can now stop dreaming, the legendary Tron light cycle is no longer fictional and it’s all thanks to the talented crew at custom shop Parker Brothers Choppers. Question is, will it still be the fastest on the grid? Check out other Parker Brothers creations at

BMW Z4 / Art in progress

…and how they did it

Art – It’s a nerdy world!

How about this then, the world entirely made up of users of Facebook. Created by Facebook intern Paul Butler, he’s defined the map completely without borders or continents but instead with Facebook friends… excellent stuff and it looks pretty cool too.

V8 Slot Cars

A real life Scalextric set, brilliant stuff!

If you’re a member of the fun police, don’t watch this…

No BMX’s were harmed in the making of this movie

Vancouver Island

Tilt-shift comes to Formula Drift

Ikea’s new take on a recipe book, or is it just art?

Ok, we all know Ikea is the king of the flat pack, it’s trendy ‘ish’, good value ‘ish’ and best of all it’s a doddle to put together. But, maybe they’ve gone a little too far with the instructions within their new book of baking recipes, Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best).

Illustration – Speed Painting – Megan Fox

WOW! 😉 Read on for info about the artist

HUGE sound… HUGE horns