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The awesome Nordschleife Ringmini

Find out how to build this awesome piece of kit at

“let’s hear it for Dooooooooooooooooobuy”

Old Skool Drive’n – Porsche 964 RS

Ok… this is a good friend of mine mess’n in his RS somewhere in the Dubai desert… but really its kinda reminiscent of the opening sequence to the Italian job… but without the Italian country side, the mob, the 60s music, oh and the Lamborghini Miura 😉 For more of the same, hop over to […]

“I want a bigger logo… you can’t handle a bigger logo!”

This man speaks the truth!

High speed bus testing!!!!

Wouldn’t you just love to be a passenger on this… Image courtesy of Photo Finnish

Vancouver Island

Ikea’s new take on a recipe book, or is it just art?

Ok, we all know Ikea is the king of the flat pack, it’s trendy ‘ish’, good value ‘ish’ and best of all it’s a doddle to put together. But, maybe they’ve gone a little too far with the instructions within their new book of baking recipes, Hembakat Ă€r BĂ€st (Homemade Is Best).

Custom – Hotwheels

As a kid I always wished my Hotwheels cars were real, just to see them burning up the high street and doing all those spectacular tricks – would of been an awesome sight don’t you think? Looks like I wasn’t the only one with that same thought… now I wonder when Toys ‘R’ Us will […]

Vintage Dom

How’s this for the ultimate art college design brief – create a piece of packaging that pays tribute to the late Andy Warhol using the classic and timeless Dom PĂ©rignon champagne bottle.

HUGE sound… HUGE horns