Old Skool Race’n – Ferrari 250GT SWB ‘the breadvan’

Ferrari 250GT Breadvan
1962 Ferrari 250GT ‘the breadvan’

One of my all time favourites this, and a great way to round off the year.


Read more about this special Ferrari on supercars.net

Custom – The Foose/John Deere Tractor… question is… why?

Foose tractor sketch

I’ve always been in awe of the creations of celebrity car designer/customiser Chip Foose, but could this be taking things a little too far, or is it just pure genius?

Foose tractor Foose tractor

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Art – It’s a nerdy world!

How about this then, the world entirely made up of users of Facebook. Created by Facebook intern Paul Butler, he’s defined the map completely without borders or continents but instead with Facebook friends… excellent stuff and it looks pretty cool too.
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V8 Slot Cars

A real life Scalextric set, brilliant stuff!

If you’re a member of the fun police, don’t watch this…

No BMX’s were harmed in the making of this movie

Vancouver Island

The Tipex Experience – A hunter shoots a bear!

10,000,000+++ hits and rising, it’s got to be one of the best viral ads ever… so, don’t forget to ‘shoot the bear’!

Tilt-shift comes to Formula Drift

Old skool race’n – Shot of the day

Porsche, 917, 1972, Testing, Big air

The drivers of the time always said Porsche’s iconic 917 was a handful…

Ikea’s new take on a recipe book, or is it just art?

Ikea recipe book

Ok, we all know Ikea is the king of the flat pack, it’s trendy ‘ish’, good value ‘ish’ and best of all it’s a doddle to put together. But, maybe they’ve gone a little too far with the instructions within their new book of baking recipes, Hembakat är Bäst (Homemade Is Best).

Ikea recipe book Ikea recipe book

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