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C+P // Qatar Sprints // They’re back!

After it’s cancellation last year due to lack of interest, the National Sprint Championship has returned to Doha with a group of 20 like-minded petrol heads intent on having a blast tearing round a few cones… I’ll be honest, it’s not the most interesting of spectator sports but it sure did look like a lot […]

C+P // Pretty in Pink // LP 670-4 SuperVeloce

I’ve always had a soft spot for any Lamborghini. Maybe it stems from having one of those iconic Athena Countach posters on my wall as a kid, the ‘in your face, look at me’ styling or maybe it’s just the growl of the thundering V12? Probably all of the above, but there’s one thing for […]

C+P // Porsche // GT3 RS tease

I spotted this a few days back in Doha, the 2010 manifestation of the classic Porsche GT3 RS. Enjoy!

C+P // On location // Somewhere in Doha

A few days back I received a call from CAR ME enquiring about suitable locations in Qatar for a future article within CAR magazine. The brief… “somewhere to take a couple of ‘special’ cars for a small road trip around Qatar”. I won’t go into the details as I’ll leave that to their future article, […]

C+P // Doha // The classics…

Picture the scene, it’s around 10pm in the local football stadium car park and i’m sitting having tea with around 20 influential Qatari men, all of them with one common passion (apart from their families) their love of classic cars. Brilliant! And their cars… 60s Firebirds, a 58 Thunderbird, a 70s Stingway, completely mad vettes, […]

C+P // Pimp my Ride // Doha style

Spotted recently in Doha, the ‘must have’ accessory for every eco-warrior Segway owner… a Mercedes GL 550??? Leigh Check out more great stories with stunning photography at