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Custom – The Foose/John Deere Tractor… question is… why?

I’ve always been in awe of the creations of celebrity car designer/customiser Chip Foose, but could this be taking things a little too far, or is it just pure genius?

BMWs new artistic le mans racer

The iconic ‘art’ cars of BMW motorsport have a new member to their exclusive club. This is the 17th commissioned ‘art car’ which has been created by the artist Jeff Koons. The car itself is a BMW M3 GT2 and will be competing in the famous Le Mans 24 Hour motor race in June.

Design guides – how it’s done

Orange Brand Video from Karolina Kret on Vimeo. A nice visual example of how a brand guidelines is put together.

Just say NO… to seduction

Reminiscent of the 80s Grange Hill anti-drugs campaign “Just Say No” a local ad agency in Dubai has given the old concept a completely different take… this time it’s not drugs it’s sex or as they like to say ‘seduction’. Anyway, for such a touchy subject in this part of the world I really like […]