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Old skool BMX’n – Mongoose

Not very PC for today’s world, but just right for the 80s… Brilliant Check out more great BMX 80s images at

C+P // Doha // The classics…

Picture the scene, it’s around 10pm in the local football stadium car park and i’m sitting having tea with around 20 influential Qatari men, all of them with one common passion (apart from their families) their love of classic cars. Brilliant! And their cars… 60s Firebirds, a 58 Thunderbird, a 70s Stingway, completely mad vettes, […]

Tron… the art

Following on from the previous post I thought I’d share some the great art and objects inspired by the films. Enjoy

The ultimate in street kewl

If you were into BMXs back in the 80s you couldn’t help but want one of these.. the Skyway TA. The ultimate for street cool at the time.